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  • Calgary benefit consultants

    We have the answers!

    Group, individual benefit plans, and H S A's. We answer the tough questions and get you the desired results.
  • calgary benefit consultants

    Benefit Plans

    Group or individual benefit plans. Our team knows all the options.

Calgary benefit consultants , Providing: Individual, Executive and Group Benefits

Calgary benefit consultants

Group benefit plans

Calgary benefit consultants offers that the group benefit plan reduces costs, by sharing the risk of health related expenses among a group. This results in more favourable rates than a single person could obtain on their own. The larger the group, the greater the sharing of risk and the lower the rates.
Calgary benefit consultants

HSA's - Health spending accounts

Health Spending Accounts are also referred to as Private Health Services Plans (PHSP) and are arranged by employers. HSA’s are multipurpose and can be used by employees to supplement insured plan services or be used in place of traditional group benefit plans.
calgary benefit consultants

Executive benefits

Supplemental plans can provide certain classes of employees with additional benefits. Plans like this are very popular with Executives, or Partners in a law firm for example. One of the main advantages is the reduced administration and minor medical requirements of a group plan.

5 Benefit plan design considerations

5 Benefit plan review considerations

Calgary benefit consultants , CG Hylton knows, employees love employee benefit insurance plans, as the benefits are largely tax free.  Benefit insurance may be varied by class of employee to ensure that you stay competitive with plans offered by your competition.  With the addition of simple to administration, Calgary benefit consultants can provide low cost Health Spending Accounts, this allows employers to provide greater tax effective choice for employees. Calgary benefit consultants can create Employee benefit insurances plans that offer employees cost effective solutions to health care. Contact us today for a no cost consultation of our services.

Local – 403 264-5288 Toll free – 800 449-5866

Calgary Benefit Consultants, CG Hylton put their experience to work for you

With over 25 years of experience in the design of executive and group benefit insuranceCalgary benefit consultants plans, Calgary benefit consultants, CG Hylton bring strong design and tax planning skills to meet your group and individual benefit needs. We can ensure your plan aligns smoothly with your human resource policies, employee assistance programs and other plans.

Whether you are looking for a traditional dental and medical plan, health spending account, tailored private health services plans, blended plans, or RSP’s, Calgary benefit consultants, CG Hylton can assist with making the right decision for you and your employees.

Health and Dental Coverage

Don’t have employer benefits? Calgary benefit consultant CG Hylton can help with an individual health & dental plan with a variety of options that include coverage for vision, prescription drugs, dental ,chiropractic and even massage therapy.

 Call Today!

Local – 403 264-5288 Toll Free – 800 449-5866

For a no-cost consultation of our products and services. Today is a great day to start planning the rest of your life! Calgary benefit consultants, CG Hylton is an Alberta company and provides services to all industries, with an in depth understanding of the Health benefit insurance needs of the people working in the Oil and Gas sector.


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